The Great Hall

St. Peter’s Great Hall is a 123 square foot room with an oak beam cathedral ceiling and seven magnificent stained glass windows. Ideal for gatherings which need to accomodate a large audience, this large rental hall comfortably seats up to 100 people. (Folding chairs are available upon request to customize the layout of seating in the center of the room.) Comfortable movie theater-type chairs are located around the raised perimeter on two sides of the room, offering a round-table type layout that’s perfect for conferences, discussions, or VIP seating.

Over the years, this room has served a variety of functions including weddings, anniversaries, speaking engagements, presentations and celebrations such as Bar-Mitzvahs and Bat-Mitzvahs. It has also been used for photographic, video and audio recording projects.

With the addition of even a small PA system, the room’s acoustics are fantastic, which is to be expected for a 19th-century Gothic style church of this quality.

Additional features include:
• A movable podium
• Two raised platforms (East and West)
• Two stone pillars which can be converted into an alter for weddings
• Air conditioning, heat and two large ceiling fans

For additional information or a personal, guided tour of St. Peter’s, please contact us by phone at (860) 354-5412 or by email at

St. Peter's Great Hall (looking east).

St. Peter’s Great Hall (looking east).

The Great Hall (looking west).

The Great Hall (looking west).